Tetsuhiro Yagi's Profile

What made you start playing PRO-WRESTLING??

When I was a senior year in spring, I was depressed because of job hunting then one of a my friends invited me to go to watch a PRO-WRESTLING's match who is a NEW JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING's trainer and chiropractic clinic doctor. It was first time then I was overwhelmed pro wrestler's fighting so hard and their breathing. I noticed that I forgot my depressed feeling and I was into an in front of eye's match.After that I decided to be a pro-wrestler and I passed a test to be pro wrestler in December of the same year.

What is attractiveness of PRO-WRESTLING for you?

Fighting spirit and cliffhanger match's, a sense of unity in match venue.
I would like you to feel force in the live.

What is your dream?

First of all is to get a first win and I would like to win the Championship in the future. Another one is that to encourage audiences and want them to think about being a pro-wrestler and increase pro-wrestler by my fight therefore PRO-WRESTLING is being famous more than now.

How do you care your body?

Eat well and sleep well especially I consciously eat protein for gaining muscle. After training and match, I do stretch and get a massage which is a method to reduce tiredness on the following day.